Bob Stannard

& those dangerous bluesmen

How to Survive the Recession: A Vermont Perspective


How to Survive the Recession: A Vermont Perspective


ISBN: 9781605710587
ISBN-10: 160571058X
Publisher: Northshire Bookstore
Publication Date: April 15th, 2010
Pages: 228
Language: English

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Is your 401-k now a 201-k?

If you want to learn more about how one guy in Vermont plans to survive a recession, this is the book for you! You are holding in your hot little hands the secrets to what is truly important in life. If you think it’s money, think again.

Through a variety of tales, columns and adventures “How to Survive a Recession” is an autobiographical glimpse of a Vermont life.  

Oh, as an extra added benefit you will also learn the meaning of life. You don’t get that in just any book. That’s worth the price right there. 

Humorist/philosopher, Bob Stannard, gives us a Vermont as rich as grade B maple syrup and as colorful as October leaves. Continuing in the best tradition of the American storyteller, Stannard is funny and relevant, covering a variety of topics including leaky faucets, terrorism, economics, politics and what it takes to buy a home in Vermont, each textured with the authentic weave of a native son ……. Evelyn Wilde Mayerson, Professor Emeritus of the University of Miami, novelist, essayist, playwright and author of “Miami”

“Bob Stannard is part wise-ass and part philosopher. whose bemused observations are simultaneously insightful and very funny.” - Jerry Portnoy, harmonica player with Muddy Waters.

A rollicking, rambling ride through the life of a Vermonter who knows who he is and better yet knows Vermont -- from his belly to his brains by way of his heart” - Frank M. Bryan, author, 

Professor of Political Science; University of Vermont